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Warehouse to store goods, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products plays an important role for manufacturing businesses, suppliers, stores, supermarkets, etc.

The storage/warehousing service that we are providing will help clients feel safe by:

♦ The goods of clients are always kept safely.

♦ The process of storing goods is strictly implemented according to regulations on classification and preservation of each type of goods.

♦ The warehouse is modern, large and airy, creating favorable conditions for the vehicle to easily move, load and unload goods.

♦ The fire and explosion protection meet technical regulation.

♦ The temperature and humidity parameters are always thoroughly checked and periodically maintained.

♦ Fumigation and termite removal are always thoroughly carried out, creating peace of mind for clients about the quality of goods at the warehouse.

♦ Create absolute trust when there is 24/24 security with effective security policy, camera system in all areas in the warehouse, ensuring goods are not lost.

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Hotline: (0274) 3737973

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